A New Blog for Middle Age Moms

A New Blog for Middle Age Moms

Welcome to this brand new blog called My Fearless Grace! My Fearless Grace is all about you and me and how we are making positive lifestyle changes while we transition into new chapters of our lives. It’s about how we as 30, 40, and 50 something women can reinvent ourselves to be the best we can be and to become what we were meant to become.  We are wise, experienced, smart, talented, beautiful, wonderful women. We are also exhausted, worn down, longing for change, looking for some semblance of order in our chaotic world, and in general need of encouragement, fun, and support.

My Vision for My Fearless Grace

I want to set up My Fearless Grace as inspiration, empowerment, and encouragement for women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. All women, of course, are most welcome here, but the content will be geared to those particular age groups. I envision my audience as women in the middle of raising their children, on the back side of child rearing, and those who are empty nesting.  We are women at the point of conversion and transition. We are at the precipice of understanding the need to take care ourselves so we can continue to care for others. We might be at a point of burn out but refuse to give in or give up. We are learners and action takers. We are at point of wanting to simplify our lives and our homes. We want to find peace and discover ourselves once again like when we were 20 something only this time with wisdom, experience, and a better sense of ourselves on our side. We know we are never too old to learn and try new things.

I want us to share our journey with each other. I have broken down this blog with specific areas of topics that will be shared with you. They are Family, Health, Home, Hobbies, Physical, Spiritual, and Wealth. These are all the areas that I am personally either exploring or struggling with and trying to find solutions that fit my needs. I plan to share my findings with you. Please feel free to share your findings and experience as well. I want us to all learn from each other.